So, I guess this is my art blog. Yep. Though, I may not always post my art.



i like to think that when they first met and bonnie was younger and more curious she was really enthusiastic about flying. anyways, this is for my friend meg (thekusabi) who helped me out a lot way back. shes a really great person and you should totes follow her. 

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How do you feel on art thieves?

I’ve dealt with quite a few before and I really don’t like them.

Drawing dump.
Fun fact: my ponysona (the Alicorn with the pink and brown mane) was featured on a bunch of different “bad OC” accounts. Good to know I’d be an overused, bad, Mary Sue character.

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Do you think it makes sense to think it's fun to draw MLP but not like the show or be in the fandom? I don't draw fanart, and I don't bash people who like it. But I draw this pony I just made up whenever I have art block. I think the style is fun to play with. :)

Totally! That’s kinda how I am. I still have my characters and still draw the characters from the show, but I don’t really consider myself part of the fandom anymore or really watch the show. uwu
Ponies are very fun to draw.